Fire With Fire: Pillars and Blockades

Working on new icons for FWF (actually, we already had the Rock sprite, but I hadn't made a selectable icon for it yet). You can set Rocks onto the field to obstruct where oncoming ground-based Creep waves can move, but you can also upgrade the Rocks into tall Pillars, which will be able to block the path of even flying Creeps. I made 3 different versions of the Pillar to sort of get a feel for what it should look like, we'll probably go with the square one.

Since the game is shown in a top down perspective, it's kind of hard to convey how tall Pillars are by looking at the sprite. In this case I thought it was more important to show that it was some kind of impassable stone obstacle, and for it to have the same color scheme as the Rocks to show that they're in the same 'family'.

Threw together a little mockup to see how they'd look in the game here.

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