Sonic Colors

That tagline at the top of the page says Illustrator | Mobile Platform Artist. So... where are all of the illustrations!? I've been doing a lot of in-game stuff and characters floating around on solid colored backgrounds lately, but I've been trying to get into the habit of finishing more thought out and fully fledged scenes. Sometimes you just gotta let loose and draw some Sonic!

As always, the first step is Photoshop. (Paper actually, but it only really starts to come together in Photoshop.)

This first drawing was mostly to determine all of the implied lines of action and general flow of the picture. I was trying to get the sensation of everything swirling around Sonic in the middle.

What's a tribute to Sonic Colors without, well... colors? I wanted a predominantly dark setting that would stand against the colors of the Wisps and colored highlights on Sonic's form. This part took some messing around but I eventually found where I was going.

That about does it for Photoshop. Now that everything is in place, Illustrator makes everything a bit more sleek.

Ah, lines. It's what the program was made for. Perspective issues and placement of the characters are ironed out in this stage. Also adding a little variation to line widths where possible. Some close up shots as well here:

And finally, with lines finalized and a guide for the colors, everything comes together.

I guess it's technically still a solid colored background, but hey! At least the characters aren't just standing there independent of each other. I think we can count that as an illustration.

Helping clients and other people is always well and good, but it's important for artists to do what they enjoy now and then, and remind themselves of why they like making art in the first place. In any case, the process of going from Photoshop to Illustrator has become pretty streamlined at this point, so there should be a much higher volume of works like this down the road.

Oh, and if you haven't played Sonic Colors, I'd advise you to do so this instant.

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