The Sidekick

This week's iteration of's Character of the Week challenge. We basically had to take a comic hero and create a new sidekick for them. I went through a few sketches before settling on an aide for Captain America--the Flash, Static, and Raven were primary ideas but decided to go with this one.

Here are some earlier sketches that I started off with (had to change the headdress because someone mentioned it looked more like a duck than an eagle haha). Also an alternate version of the final that I ended up not using, the clouds seemed a little out of place with the look of everything else.

Part of the challenge was also to present the final image as a comic book cover which was fun, was going for a classic old timey look in some aspects. At the very least it forced me to try my hand at a comic cover layout, which is a skill I believe I'll be needing very soon.

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