Fire With Fire: Attack Arsenal

It's been a while, but we've been making more progress on the tower defense title Fire With Fire recently. The first draft of towers have been pretty much completed.  If you're curious or have just plain forgotten, the game's structure as well as info about the branching weapons system is explained in greater detail in an earlier post I made. Basically we have 3 basic weapon "trees" (Blaster, Mortar, and Air) that can be upgraded in one of two directions. We may be working on more in the future, but for now I wanted to show the weapons that will be available from these 3 categories.

The top row shows the weapons from the Blaster Tree, the middle row represents the Mortar Tree, and the bottom is the Air Tree. Some weapons rotate and aim directly at enemies, while others don't move and have more omnidirectional attacks. This screenshot might give a better idea of how they'll look on the actual field of play.

You can see a few of the basic Blaster, Air, and Mortar turrets placed along the field to defend the lone tree. On the right is where you'll be able to manage creating, upgrading, and removing towers.

We're still chipping away and there's still a ways to go, but things are coming along nicely so far. Hopefully we'll see a playable demo soon! As always, check Theory's development blog for more information.

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