Curtain Call: Platformer Enemies

Winding down to the last of the enemies. This one appears in the snowy environments and has a few different actions. When it's far away from the player it just waddles along, then it does a small jump shown below before it starts sliding along the ice.

The slide is just a single frame. They also wanted to include another frame for when it changes direction.

Hopefully when the time comes to start animating more complicated things I can remember some of the basic principles I learned from working on this project. Circular rotations in perspective are probably the toughest so far, and something I plan to work on a little more down the road.

In case you haven't been following along since I started these, here's a roll call of the other enemies.

In case you have been following these all along, thanks for reading! I know it's probably not as exciting as seeing the development progress for something like Final Fantasy, but personally even small game projects like these are interesting to be a part of.

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