Bounty Hunter Concept

It's been a while since I took part in one of's weekly contests, so this was a good exercise to get me back into painting again. The brief was to design a science fiction bounty hunter so I drew inspiration from your traditional cowboy look in the shape of the hat, the boots, the bandana, and the lasso, while also trying to incorporate a sleek, futuristic metallic look in the costume.

Strangely enough I used a lot of reference from classic cars to understand how light bounces off of hard, shiny surfaces as well as for creating some of the angles/shapes in the armor. Other than that I also looked at the masks/helmets of other bounty hunters (Boba Fett, Samus Aran, even Meta Knight though he doesn't quite fit the description...) and noted the similarities in the shape of their visors. I actually found it difficult to design a character that screams "bounty hunter" from looks alone since they've varied so much across different media, at least in terms of costume. They're not inherently good or bad across the board, but it seems more about putting their own motives above others as long as the price is right.

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