ABC Factory - Style Test

OnPoint Studios began work on a new mobile project recently titled ABC Factory. It's basically a spelling game aimed towards younger audiences.

I'll be helping out with the artwork again, so to start out I was asked to design a few characters:

The assignment was basically to match the art style of my superior, so that 2 different people could work on the game without creating a schism in the artwork. Two heads are better than one... Here are the sketches he provided for me to emulate:

Even besides trying to copy another person's style, it was a pretty interesting assignment since I had to design costumes based off of facial expressions alone (besides the female protagonist, I was given another design sheet with her costume already drawn). The crewcut character struck me as a straightforward ally type, maybe a stickler for the rules but he's always trying to do what's right. The 3rd character seemed sinister somehow--smaller pupils, angled brows, plus goatees are notorious for being evil. It was kind of stereotyping in a sense, but I guess part of character design is understanding and confounding stereotypes anyway.

The other half of the assignment was to design a few animals for a farm stage in the same style. This part was was tough because of translating a style of drawing humans onto animals. Obviously things like the shape of the nose and eyebrows don't quite carry over, so for me the shape of the eyes seemed most important in conveying a level of style consistency, although it's a fairly small detail.

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