Wrestling Attack Card Illustrations

I've been working with a couple of clients who were interested in starting their own card game, and they were looking for someone to provide the artwork for the cards. The game is based on wrestling moves and we're working on the first set of 10 at the moment. I'm not all that familiar with wrestling, but fortunately they provided reference for the attacks they wanted illustrated.

The cards themselves are 2.5 by 3.5 inches but these have been scaled down a little, just to show the basic premise. The same character is performing the moves and is something of a villain, so they wanted to portray a more wild, gritty style in the attacks. All painted in Photoshop, we went with a more cartoon direction. First sketched really roughly, then the lines are inked, then the flat colors added underneath, then the simple shading applied. The clients actually liked the scratchy lines left from the initial sketch work, and asked that they be left in the final image. Still working on the rest of the set so more of these will be coming in the future.

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