Art Sample for Facebook Puzzle

Some work today for a Facebook puzzle game. The developers reached out to artists and asked for a design of the main character--a colorful blob--and four different blocks with their own colors/symbols.

The Slime from Dragon Quest was given as a reference in terms of the general look and style the blob should have. It was a pretty strange assignment, I mean it's not like it has limbs or anything... so all of the characterization was pure shape/facial expression. Not that I mind though, I like drawing simple stuff. It was actually kind of a challenge infusing personality into an amorphous lump.

We were also asked to try out different accessories on the character, nothing too complicated that would impede the animation though. As for the blocks, I kept thinking of the designs of the ones from Pokemon Puzzle League and used them as inspiration... I think I still like those better than mine though. :D

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