"And now our lovely assistant..."

Working with a client on a knife tossing game for iOS devices. The basic idea is to have an assistant pinned to a slowly rotating wheel, while the player attempts to toss knives at targets on the wheel without harming the assistant. I was asked to create designs for the hostess shown here. We both agreed that 2, 4, and 5 were the strongest so it's a matter of choosing one and refining the design a little more.

Because of the way the collision detection will work in the game, the overall shape of the hostess' in-game sprite needs to be fairly consistent; which means we'll probably need to avoid things like falling hair/clothing as she rotates upside down, since it would alter the collision area of the character. As such, 4 and 5 will probably work best since their hair won't move much even when the character is turned upside down on the wheel. A pant-suit costume might work better as well so we don't have to worry about the fabric of the dress moving due to gravity.

Mostly these were from my own ideas of a game show hostess, but I also drew reference from people like Vanna White in how they dressed/their body language. We're planning to incorporate humor into the overall feel of the game, so as a result I was also trying to design a character that would excel at convincing facial expressions and comedic body language. Once we tinker with the design a bit more we'll work on the animation and movements of the character to convey this.

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