Mobile Game Assets - Theme Purchase Flowchart

A bit more work for Memory Master. I was asked to show how a player would actually go through the process of buying a theme from the store.

You can probably notice a few changes in the design from the other versions I posted recently. I made the "Buy" option much more obvious, instead of relying on players to understand that the theme boxes were tappable. I remember watching this lecture a while ago, and the speaker was talking about getting customers to purchase a product from a website page. He mentioned something to the effect of, customers should be able to take 10 steps back from the screen, and still know what they have to do to purchase the product. It's kind of the same thing here; without a giant "Buy" next to each theme, the layout could have been very confusing about what you do once you're on the Theme Store screen. I also made more clear that the number on the bottom right is the player's total. You can never be too specific!

It's kind of a quick mockup of what the player will see once they tap on a theme. The current total stays highlighted even when the background goes dark, so the player can remember to keep an eye on how many coins they'll have left if they decide to buy a theme.

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