Mobile Game Assets - Icon Set

A set of icons for Marshmallow Madness. These represent items and gadgets the player can pick up during gameplay.

I had been reading a bit about icon design since it seems to have become a skillset in higher demand in recent years. There was an article on VectorTuts about icon design I read a while ago that had some really great points. One of the things that stood out most (and was most relevant to this assignment) was about looking at the big picture, and making sure the icons felt like part of a 'set'. Basically creating a sense of cohesion among them through details like having a certain color outline, similarly thick outlines, consistent lighting, and so forth. For the most part these all have a simple but stylized look. I also remember seeing that having a glossy appearance is important for convincing users that the images on screen can be touched or 'felt'.

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