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Tank Attack

In Marshmallow Madness, enemies begin their attack once they get close enough to the player. I recently animated the attack animation for the tank enemy. Same process as always, this time I did the lines and colors all at once.

This one was a bit tricky--not because of the actual animation (it's only 6 frames), but because of how it's going to look in the actual game. You might remember this animation from a while back:


That's the tank's ordinary walk cycle. So this is what plays when it's moving towards the player across the field. Now when it gets close enough, the sprite transitions into the attack animation; and the transition's got to be seamless, otherwise it will look really weird to the player. So basically I realized that I had to pay careful attention and use the exact same line thickness/quality on the attack animation that I used before.

It wasn't too bad since, again, it was only a few frames, but it was something I didn't really consider until it came time to actually do it. I'm learning something new about how deep animation is with every one of these kinds of assignments.

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