Animation - Bouncing Ball

First attempt (of many no doubt) at animating from scratch on my own. With the work I've shown before, our Animation Lead had done much of the process already--he figured out the basic movements and timing for everything while I did the final linework. Just doing this small exercise alone, I can see what really goes into figuring all of this stuff out, and doing it right.

Started with a blank canvas in Photoshop and just sketched out some basic positions of where I thought the ball should bounce.

I'd been reading Richard Williams' Animator's Survival Kit for a while before doing this, but I soon realized that reading and doing are... oh so different. I sort of overwhelmed myself at first, trying to remember every single word I'd read when doing this, instead of taking small steps. After the initial sketch I filled in each of the frames on a separate layer and did several tests to see how the movement flowed. It's a mess to be quite honest, but I understand that I'm going to be making messes for a while until I've gone through a larger volume of learning, trial, and error. I think the main things for next time will be to have a more organized workflow, and to really plan out the variation of timing between key frames.

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