Android Background Illustration

I've been working with a team on a mobile game for the Android device, part of my job was to make background images.

The game is a memory type game where the player matches pairs of cards together to win. There are different visual themes to select from, which includes themed cards and backgrounds. I was assigned the Flowers theme.

Started with some rough compositions in Photoshop.

I was just going for a straightforward natural themed background here, trying to give the sun some personality as the focal point of the image. In the final version I got rid of the tree because it looked out of place being the only one there; also, it disrupted the flow of the rest of the lines in the composition. Most of them converge near the sun, or adhere to the curve of the hills. Also made the sky more magenta to offset the green hills and give more of an early morning look. Final done in Illustrator:

For the 2nd one I tried to make the flower stand out against a cooler, more rigid, somewhat claustrophobic urban landscape.

Made the buildings darker to recede more against the flower, and create more visual contrast. Final also done in Illustrator:

Both were really good practice for setting up compositions even though they're at a fairly small scale. Something I've been interested in lately is giving "movement" to the lines in static images. So far it seems to have to do with where separate lines converge, and I've been messing with S curves in compositions as well. Something to keep working on in learning about good compositions.

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