Marshmallow Madness - Logo

The logo for the upcoming game. I did my best to spend enough time on refining the details.

I did some research on other video game logos and logo history in general beforehand to get ideas and a sense of what the logo should include. I was going for a kind of wooden camp sign look since marshmallows always make me think of campfires. For the most part, I only try to include the necessary, important symbols when making logos so I went the simplistic route for the icon in the center; I wanted to see if people could recognize it as a marshmallow without rendering every last detail and speckle. An open mouth with sharp teeth is often enough to portray a sense of danger or malevolence, even if the entire face isn't visible. Incidentally, during my initial sketches I noticed that the negative space between the letter 'M' somewhat resembles the space of the mouth between sharp teeth.

It was a difficult assignment because I understand that a lot of thought and research goes into branding and logos, but it's not something I've had practice with until recently. Will people remember this image several years from now like the Ghostbusters logo? There's a struggle of what needs to be included and what can easily be left out. At the same time though, the same problem solving applies to other forms of art--when you're making characters, icons, costumes, or what have you, you have to gauge how your audience will interpret and respond to the look and feel of what you've made.

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